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Lane County’s Only Driving Instructor with a Master’s Degree in Teaching!

Before you read further there are a few things you should know: I do not teach the ODOT Teen Driver Program that is through the schools. I taught that in the past, and was frustrated with the 33 hours of classroom time. I took the best from that curriculum and focus more on behind the wheel skills. I can provide a receipt that may give you an insurance benefit for a package of lessons. Ask your insurance agent!

I do not give any test for your driver’s license including the DMV behind the wheel test.

I give private driving lessons tailored to the specific needs of my clients.

I teach for the complete spectrum of drivers from those with unique challenges to those who just want a little extra practice before the road test. I have experience working with a diverse range of clients. Here are some of my most common types of clients.

Teens who have their permit and are just learning to drive

Teens benefit from starting lessons as soon as they pass the written test. I can start them out learning the basics the correct way before they develop bad habits.

Older clients who never got their license or need to renew

I have many of these clients who, for a variety of reasons, never got their license or need to get back into driving. Circumstances have changed and now they want a license.

College students who want a license

I teach a lot of UO graduate and undergraduate students who didn’t need a license when they arrived in Eugene but now are ready. Eugene is a great environment for students from big cities to learn to drive in a lower pressure situation. Plus, I ‘m a UO alumnus and live near the university.

International Drivers

I regularly teach drivers from other countries who are new to the area and want to get a license. I have experience working with drivers from all over the world.

Drivers who have a fear of driving

I have worked with many clients who have had bad experiences driving themselves or as a passenger. I can give these drivers concrete skills to overcome their fears and master the practice of defensive driving.

Drivers who are ready for the behind the wheel exam

I get many clients who are ready for their behind the wheel exam and just want some practice and feedback from a professional who is familiar with the skills needed to pass the test.

Customized Instruction

Do you have or know a teen or adult driver just beginning his or her driving experience? Do you need a flexible program that works with your teen’s busy schedule?

Face Masks are Optional

I am fully vaccinated. I am happy to wear a mask if you prefer. Masks are optional for all clients.

About Me

Jim Crabbe is the owner and instructor with a Master’s Degree in teaching (MAT) and experience teaching teens through the ODOT sponsored driver education program.


The first part of the first lesson is in a parking lot. The client will meet me at a parking lot we agree on. After that I we can start/end the lesson at the clients residence. We will drive in my 2014 Toyota Corolla (larger body style and great safety record) for one hour of driving instruction. The hour consists of 5-10 minutes of safe practices and traffic law followed by behind the-wheel practice.

Rates and Packages

$75 – 1 one-hour driving lesson
$220 – 3 one-hour driving lessons
$425 – 6 one-hour driving lessons
$650 – 10 one-hour driving lessons

If you want to try a lesson before committing to a package of lessons, I charge $75 for the first drive and will pro-rate the amount of the package you select.

Have a friend that wants driving lessons? Do the lessons together!

Get In Touch

Behind the Wheel Driving Instruction Eugene, Oregon

(541) 225-8054

If you have an issue that can’t be resolved with Jim at Behind the Wheel Driving Instruction LLC, please contact Kollette Mack with DMV Driver Programs at 503-945-6049